A big HI! to all those nature detectives who are out there planning to visit us!

Hoppy asks you to answer these puzzles.....but remember


- firstly, try to think for yourself


- then maybe ask a friend or discuss it with your teacher and class

What can you see in a RECREATION GROUND?

  • Has the grass been cut short?
  • Are the hedges trimmed?
  • Is there a fence or railings all the way round?
  • Can you see a playground or paths?
  • There may be waste bins, benches to sit on, a car park, and people walking with their dog or pushing a pram?

Does someone look after the park? Is he or she called..........

a gardener

a farmer

a park-keeper

a hunter

(click on the one above that YOU think is right and see if Hoppy agrees)


Now can you do the same thing but think about the COUNTRYSIDE this time!


How does it look?

Are there farm animals around ?


Do wild animals live here?

Is the grass long?


Are the hedges high?

Are there stiles to cross over?


Who looks after the countryside?


Find out what NATURAL means.

Is a recreation ground natural?



Are some bits of the countryside natural areas that are left to grow as they want to?




At the Environmental Centre we have to trim the paths because otherwise we would get tangled up in the brambles and wouldn't see some of our animal friends. But a lot of what you see is natural and is left to grow naturally.


Remember, when you visit the nature trail always take great care when you are near the water.

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