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Caring in the Hamptons
since 1974

The Hampton & Hampton Hill Voluntary Care Group was inaugurated by local people in 1974 to be a good neighbour to residents of the area suffering social isolation through infirmity, mobility problems or any other reason.

After more than 30 years we continue to pursue our founders' aims in providing help and support to those in need, complementing both statutory services and those available from other providers with whom we work in close partnership.

About the Greenwood Centre

We have been in these fine modern premises since 1992. They are the nerve centre of our VCG projects and the base for many other activities designed to promote the health and wellbeing of the community.

Fiona Brennan - Greenwood Centre Director
Fiona Brennan

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The Greenwood Centre is the home of the Hampton & Hampton Hill Voluntary Care Group
registered charity number 270916